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Colorings not showing up in block selection EQ7

Modified on 2011/09/21 16:30 by Matthew Categorized as Electric Quilt 7

Block colorings pile up on top of one another

This issue is usually just a misunderstanding of how block colorings work in EQ7. If one block design has multiple color variations, then the different colorings pile up on top of one another much like a deck of cards. When you view the block design in the Sketchbook or palette, you see one coloring-the one on top-and you click the little arrow keys to flip forward or backward to see the other colorings.

View all colorings for a block

  1. Get a block from the Block Library.
  2. Click the View Sketchbook button.
  3. Click the Blocks section.
  4. Your block should be selected. Click the Edit button on the Sketchbook.
  5. Click the Color tab.
  6. Color your block with prints.
  7. Click Add to Sketchbook.
  8. Click the View Sketchbook button.
  9. Click the Blocks section, and you will see the block that you just colored with the prints. Look beneath the block – you’ll see Block 1 of 1; Colorings X of X, like 2 of 3. This means the block has 3 colorings and to see them all, click on the forward or backward pointing arrows until you see them all.

Experiment with these arrows to see what they show you. Left-most arrow: shows you the block drawing. Second arrow: shows you the previous coloring. Third arrow: shows you the next coloring. Fourth arrow: shows you the last coloring.

These same Colorings arrows are found on the Blocks palette so that you can see all of your colorings on the block when you are setting blocks into your quilt.

The Blocks palette also has a context menu to display all colorings at once.
  1. Click directly on a block to focus it.
  2. Position the mouse cursor over the Blocks palette.
  3. Right-click to display the context menu.
  4. Click Select Coloring. This will display all the colorings.
  5. Click on the coloring that you want to bring to the top of the pile.

Changing the number of colorings allowed on each block

Up to 10 colorings get stacked on one block. This saves computer memory, and also keeps you from having a new block formed each time you color any patch on the quilt. If you do not want EQ7 to stack colorings, and you would prefer a new block each time you colored a block,do the following:

  1. Open EQ7.
  2. Go to FILE > Preferences.
  3. Click the General tab.
  4. Change the “Maximum number of colorings on a block” from 10 to 1.
  5. Click OK.
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