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Download a EQ6 or EQ7 file from Electricquilt.com

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Electricquilt.com has many EQ projects available for download.

Downloading a project from Electricquilt.com

  1. Download the project file.
    • Click the Download the EQ6 project if you have EQ6.
    • Click the Download the EQ7 project if you have EQ7.
  2. Choose to Open the project. The Sketchbook will open.
  3. Close the Sketchbook.
  4. Click FILE > Save as.
  5. In the “Save As” window at the top, click the down arrow beside Save in:.
    • Choose the My Documents folder > My EQ6 > PJ6 if you have EQ6.
    • Choose the My Documents folder > My EQ7 > PJ7 if you have EQ7.
  6. Rename your project by typing a new name next to File name:.
  7. Click Save.
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