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Installing EQStitch: Does this require previous versions to be installed?

Modified on 2014/06/06 15:26 by Ann Rutter Categorized as EQStitch, Error Messages, Installing Issues

Do I need to install EQ7 (EQ7 Upgrade) on my new computer before installing EQStitch?

No. If you try to do this, you'll receive error 104. The solution to this error is simple. Just use the EQStitch DVD to install instead of the EQ7 CD. You will need your EQ7 (or EQ7 Upgrade) license ID and password along with the EQStitch license ID and password. The installation of EQStitch gives you all of EQ7 plus the additional features of EQStitch.

Since I have EQ7 Upgrade, don't I need to install EQ6 first?

No, you only need to install EQStitch.

If EQ7 is already installed, can I install EQStitch too?

Yes, you can install EQStitch if EQ7 is already installed. EQStitch will convert your EQ7 into EQStitch. You will not be able to use each program separately since EQStitch is a plug-in, not a separate software.
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