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EQ7: Installing EQ7 Upgrade – Must Previous Versions Be Installed First?

Before installing EQ7 Upgrade, must I first install my previous versions?

No! Earlier versions of EQ do NOT need to be installed before installing EQ7 Upgrade. If you install EQ7 Upgrade on a new computer, simply start with the EQ7 Upgrade CD. The installation will ask you to input the EQ6 license ID and EQ6 password and then it will ask for your EQ7 license ID and EQ7 password.

If I already have EQ5 and/or EQ6 installed, can I uninstall them?

Yes. You can uninstall EQ5 and EQ6 at any time. It will not affect EQ7 Upgrade.

Where are my Projects and the designs I saved in My Library?

Nothing you made and saved will get uninstalled. Everything will still be on the hard drive in these folders:

  • My EQ5
  • My EQ6

Your EQ5 and EQ6 projects will still be on the hard drive here:

  • EQ5 projects: C drive > (My) Documents > My EQ5 > PJ5
  • EQ6 projects: (My) Documents > My EQ6 > PJ6

Your My Library files will still be on the hard drive here:

  • EQ5 My Library files: C drive > (My) Documents > My EQ5 > User
  • EQ6 My Library files: (My) Documents > My EQ6 > User