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EQ7: Missing Block or Fabric Palette

Color tools do not bring up the palette of fabrics and colors

If you do not see a palette of fabrics and colors when you click a Color tool, the palette may be displaying off the right of the screen, where you cannot see it. (This can happen if you change screen resolution, or connect to a separate monitor or projector screen.)

Option 1: Restoring EQ

Restoring EQ back to its default settings will bring the palette back into view. You will not lose any projects, but you may need to re-add tools to your toolbars as the program gets set back to its defaults.

  1. Click FILE on the main menu bar.
  2. Click Preferences.
  3. Click Restore.
  4. Click the Restore Default Settings button.
  5. You’ll be warned that EQ will need to close. Click OK.
  6. Reopen EQ. When you click any color tool you should now see the Fabrics and Colors palette again.

Option 2: Using the keyboard to move the palette back (without restoring)

  1. Click the Paintbrush tool.
  2. Use ALT + SPACEBAR + M. (Hold down your Alt + Spacebar keys as you type the M key. The access key “M” is for Move.)
  3. Now use the Left arrow key on your keyboard to move the palette back into view.