How do I adjust the starting point for stitching a patch?

Each patch will begin the stitching at one of the nodes of the drawing. If you want change the starting point of the stitching you can.

This heart begins stitching at the bottom of the heart.


  1. To change it to the center top part of the heart, click the Artwork tab.
  2. Click the Shape tool.
  3. Click on the node where you want to start the stitching.
  4. Right-click to display the context menu.
  5. Click Set Start Stitch.
  6. Click the Stitch tab.
  7. Click Play on the precision bar to see the new starting point.

Stitching can begin any place on the patch. If there is no node where you want it to begin stitching, simply use the Shape tool to add a node. Then use the Set Start Stitch command to assign the stitching to start with the new node.