1. First make sure that your EQ project is saved.  Keep in mind for the recipient to open your project you will need to send the project or “PJ” file.  By default here is where EQ projects will save. You may save it elsewhere (but be sure to note where it is saved).
    ○ EQ8 project files: .PJ8 (Documents \ My EQ8 \ Projects)
    ○ EQStitch project files: .P7E (Documents \ My EQ7 \ PJ7)
    ○ EQ7 project files: .PJ7 (Documents \ My EQ7 \ PJ7)
    ○ EQ6 project files: .PJ6 (Documents \ My EQ6 \ PJ6)
    ○ EQ5 project files: .PJ5 (C:\ Documents \ My EQ5 \ PJ5)
    ○ EQ4 project files: .PJ4 (C:\ EQ4\PRJ)
    ○ EQ3 project files: .PRJ (C:\ EQ3\PRJ)
  2. If your project is large you’ll want to compress it before you send it. Some email providers won’t send or receive attachments over 10 MB. Here is how to compress a project.
  3. Now, open an email. All email programs are different but, most will have a paperclip to click to attach files. Here are some common examples.emails
  4. Once you click the paperclip tool, you will need to navigate to where you have saved your project (See Step 1). Once you have located the file, click on it to select it and click OK, or insert.
  5.  Write and send your email as normal.

Note, if the recipient does not have EQ, they will not be able to open or view the project.