In the November 2017 update for EQ8, the auto-add Link Library feature in the Libraries dialogs was improved. When you run the Auto-Add utility, it now collects all of your currently linked EQ7 add-ons and puts them in your My EQ8 > Add-on Libraries folder. This tool works for those who have EQ7 add-ons installed and linked to EQ7 on the same computer.

Additionally, this utility will collect any of your My Libraries from EQ7 and link them to your EQ8 Favorites Libraries.

Auto Linking Libraries

  1. Open the Library (Block or Fabric).
  2. Click Link Library.
  3. Click Auto Add. The utility will search your computer for installed add-on library files and copy them to your My EQ8 > Add-on Libraries folder. This process properly links the copied libraries to your EQ8 Library and they can now be found in the EQ Libraries list. You will also find your Favorites Library has been updated with any of your personal libraries that you had previously created.


  • Using Auto-Add in the Block Library will not automatically link libraries in your Fabric Library. You’ll need to Auto-Add Link Library in the Fabric Library as well.
  • Some add-on products include project files and/or PDF files. These do NOT get copied to the My EQ8 folder. Only the library files (.BLK, .FAB, etc.) You will have to manually copy any project files and PDFs to your My EQ8 folder if you’d like.
  • Some older programs may or may not automatically link (BlockBase, for example). If they do not show up in the list after you’ve run the Auto-Add utility, then you will need to manually link them.