A .BLK file contains EQ quilt blocks. A .FAB file contains EQ Fabrics. These files cannot be opened. They must be saved in EQ7. Then the blocks and fabrics can be viewed from EQ7’s Library.

Downloading a .BLK or .FAB file into EQ7 (PC or Mac)

  1. Be on the Web page offering the download.
  2. Click to download the .BLK or .FAB file.
  3. Choose to Save the file. (Do not try to open it.) The file will save into your Downloads folder.
  4. Find the downloaded .BLK or .FAB file. Use CTRL+X (COMMAND+X on Mac) to simultaneously copy and remove the file. The file will disappear, but it is copied.
  5. Navigate to Documents > My EQ7 > Add-on Libraries. (If you do not have an Add-on Libraries folder, create one in My EQ7.)
  6. Create a folder inside Add-on Libraries and name it something relative to your library. Moda Fabrics, for example.
  7. Open that newly created folder.
  8. Use CTRL+V (COMMAND+V on Mac) to paste the copied file into the Add-on Libraries folder.
  9. To see the file contents, open EQ7 > go to LIBRARIES > Block Library (for .BLK files) or Fabric Library (for .FAB files). Look for the new link and open it.


You can create your own .BLK or .FAB files by saving blocks or fabrics in EQ7’s My Library.

  • Blocks saved in My Library create a .BLK file in (My) Documents > My EQ7 > User.
  • Fabrics saved in My Library create a .FAB file in (My) Documents > My EQ7 > User.