To change the font styles and sizes on your printouts, choose Printer Fonts from the FILE menu, or click on the Fonts button in any of the print dialogs. The Printer Font box appears. See the sample printouts below for a description of each font style.


The font styles available in the dialog are the TrueType fonts (typefaces) on your computer.

Header Prints the block and quilt name at the top of all printouts. Suggested size = 12
Number Used for the header bar of the key block. It is also used to print the overall size on quilt printouts and labels foundation piecing patches. Suggested size = 8
Footer Prints in the lower-left of all printouts. Suggested size = 7
Symbol Labels the key block and the template pieces. Suggested size = 10
Data Only appears on Rotary Cutting printouts. It identifies the cutting diagrams and patch count. Suggested size = 8


Quilt and Block Printout


Rotary Cutting Chart


Template Patterns


Foundation Piecing Patterns