Color leaks

If you are coloring a patch, and the color “leaks” into other parts of the block, it indicates a drawing error.

Color leaks in EasyDraw blocks

If you lose lines, or the whole block colors at once, you have a line that is not connected properly in the drawing.

  1. Click the EasyDraw tab.
  2. Use the Zoom in tool and check that your lines are connected to each other and that at least some lines are also connected to the block’s outer edge (the block outline).

Color leaks in Pieced PatchDraw blocks

If you are unable to color all of the background then you may have mis-drawn patches or not filled the background completely.

  1. Click the Pick tool and use your keyboard Delete key to delete bad patches.
  2. Redraw them and any missing patches with the PolyLine or PolyArc tools.

Color leaks in Applique PatchDraw blocks

If you cannot color a patch and the patch shows only as lines on the Color tab, then your patch is not closed.

  1. Use the Zoom in and Shape tools to check the nodes of that patch.
  2. Connect the ones that are not joined.

If you cannot see a patch, it is possible the patch is hidden beneath another larger patch. Send the larger patch behind to change the layering order.