How do I combine two blocks?

EQ7 can merge 2 blocks, letting you set a block inside a Variable Star, or set a block on the side of a Barn block. This lets you make new blocks without drawing.

  1. Start on the Block worktable, with the blocks in your Sketchbook. The block you want as your “background” block must have a square, rectangle or parallelogram.
  2. Click BLOCK > Serendipity > Merge Block.
  3. In the left block column, click the block you want as the background.
  4. In the right block column, click the block you want to merge into the background.
  5. In the middle, you can click a different spot on the block to change the merged block’s location. You can also click to rotate the merged block.
  6. Click Add to Sketchbook to save your new block.

Only blocks with some piece larger than 1/3 of the block can be used as a background block. A nine-patch, for example, will not appear as a background block.