Copying/pasting patches from one block to another

  1. Click View Sketchbook > Block section.
  2. Click the block you want to copy a design from (Block A).
  3. Click the Edit button. Block A will now be on the worktable.
  4. Click the Pick tool.
  5. Now select the item from Block A that you want to copy, either by dragging a select box all around only those patches, or by clicking on any line in one patch, then holding down your keyboard SHIFT key as you click on lines from each patch you want selected.
  6. Click EDIT > Copy.
  7. Click View Sketchbook to get the block you want to paste the design onto (Block B).
  8. Click on Block B.
  9. Click the Edit button.
  10. Block B will now be on the worktable.
  11. Click EDIT > Paste.
  12. While the pasted patch(es) are still selected, drag them to position them where you’d like them.
  13. Click Add to Sketchbook to save the newly created block to the Sketchbook. This is now block C. Blocks A and B remain unchanged in the Sketchbook.
  • This is recommended for PatchDraw Blocks and Motifs.
  • This is not recommended for creating new blocks with EasyDraw.
  • You cannot copy an EasyDraw patch to a PatchDraw block, or vice versa. You may want to use BLOCK > Serendipity > Merge Blocks.