How do I create redwork?

Redwork is a form of embroidery which is made up of simple line drawings with no fill patterns. Most of the time red thread is used but other thread colors are perfectly acceptable. Traditional themes include animals, children, and nature.
In EQ, segments need to be connected to one another to complete a polygon or patch. This allows the patch to be filled with stitches or fabric. Segments that are open curves cannot be filled but the segments can be adjusted using the Set Edge tool.

  1. Start a design Embroidery design.
  2. Click the Artwork tab of the Stitching worktable.
  3. Click STITCHING > Drawing Board and Hoop Setup.
  4. Under Artwork on the left, click Options.
  5. Uncheck Auto join when drawing. This will help prevent your patches from closing automatically.
  6. Check Auto fill when patch is closed. Most of the time you’ll want to keep this unchecked for the Stitching worktable. This is because you don’t want to create too much overlapping and when it’s turned off, it’s easy to see how your patches are positioned next to one another. When you’re drawing redwork, and you want to keep all of the curves open (not closed), this will be a nice indicator to help you see if a patch gets closed as you draw. If a patch is closed, it will automatically fill with a cream color. When this happens, you will know that you need to break it back open.
  7. Under Stitch on the left, click on Embroidery Edge Settings.
  8. Click the down arrow for Edge style and click Bean stitch. Changing this setting means that newly drawn objects will have a Bean stitch for the edge property when you click the Stitch tab along the bottom of the screen.
  9. Set the edge length to 3.0.
  10. Click OK to close the box.
  11. Use the drawing tools to create a design.
  12. Click the Stitch tab.
  13. Click the Set Thread tool.
  14. Click on a red thread in the palette.
  15. Click on the Spraycan button on the Precision Bar. This will recolor all the edges with one click.
  16. Click on any edge. Your entire design will color at once.