Creating a pantograph with EQ7

Yes, you can create pantographs with EQ7. When you print, choose FILE > Print > Block > under style choose Quilting Stencil. If the design needs to fit over more than one sheet of paper, depending on the size you’ve asked for, it will print what it can on one sheet, then print as many other sheets as needed until the whole design is printed. The printed guidelines along the paper edge show you where to match the sheets together, matching guidelines, and you can hold the sheets of paper together with a bit of tape.

Pantographs for quilting designs

If you are making a quilting design, and want that design repeated, what you would do is figure out what size you wanted for the design, and how many times you wanted that repeated, and create a long block with the design repeated that many times.

For example

For example, imagine you had a feather design which you wanted to be 6″ x 6″ and you wanted it repeated 5 times along a border. You would make the drawing worktable be 6″ Ver x 30″ (5 x 6″) Hor. You would make the Snaps vertical what they were when the block was drawn, and snaps vertical 6 x that number.  You would add this block (blank block) to the Sketchbook.

  1. Then Click View Sketchbook > find your “Feather” block > click the Edit button to edit the “Feather” block down to the worktable.
  2. Click EDIT > Select all > EDIT > Copy to copy the design on the block.
  3. Click View Sketchbook > select the new blank block you made > click the Edit button to send it down to the worktable.
  4. Click EDIT > Paste to paste down the copied “Feather” design on your new blank block.
  5. While that Feather image is still selected, click EDIT > Paste 4 more times to create 4 more repeated images which you would move to place along your long block, creating the design with 5 repeated images. Then print this, making the size 6″ Ver x 30″ Hor in our example size. You could print this landscape orientation (rather than portrait) to get more of the design on one piece of paper.

This, then, would be your pantograph.