How do I delete multiple items from my Sketchbook at once?

When viewing the Project Sketchbook through the View Sketchbook button, you can only delete one item at a time. To delete multiple items at a time, you must view your Sketchbook items through the Library box.

  1. Click LIBRARIES > Fabric Library (or whichever library you want to delete from).
  2. Click the blue Sketchbook button on the left of the Library box. This displays all the items in your Sketchbook.
  3. Click to select the items you want to delete.

    • Use CTRL+click to select multiple files at once.

    • Use SHIFT+click to select a range of files.

    • Use CTRL+A to select all the files in that folder.

  4. Click the Delete button at the bottom of the Library box.
  5. A prompt will display asking if you want to delete these items. Click Yes.
  6. Click Close on the Library.

You must be viewing the library of the item you want to delete. The Sketchbook items shown in the library are specific to that library. For example, if you want to delete fabrics, you must go to the Fabric Library.