Fabric swatches (images) you find on the internet can be imported into EQ7 to be used in block and quilt designs.

Saving fabric swatches from the web

  1. You’ll need to find a swatch of fabric on the site you are downloading from that is one swatch — not a group of swatches. You’re going to be using this one image, and if the one image is actually a whole group of fabrics, you’ll get the whole group of fabrics as one fabric swatch, which is not what you want.
    • Whether or not a fabric that you download will be “actual size” in scale, as our EQ7 fabrics are depends on whether the fabric company or store making the image on the web is showing the fabric at actual size or have shrunk the fabric down to show more of the print. If they have re-scaled the image then it won’t scale properly in EQ7. But you’ll still be able to color with it.
  2. After you have found the fabric swatch you want to save, right click on it and choose Save as (or Save image as).
  3. In the top “Save in:” box, navigate to where you would like to save the fabric image. Do not save it in EQ7. Tip: Make a new folder on your Desktop and save your fabric images in that new folder. It will be easy to find them again.
  4. In the “Name” box, name it whatever you’d like, or leave the name as it is.
  5. In the “Files of type” box, select .jpg.
  6. Click Save.

Importing the fabric into EQ7 without making changes to it

  1. Open EQ7
  2. Go to Libraries > Fabric Library
  3. Click Import
  4. Select From Image Files
  5. Browse to and select the fabric image you are importing into EQ7
  6. Click Open

Also see the EQ7 User Manual: “Importing Image Files into the Fabric or Photo Libraries.”

Importing the fabric into EQ7 while making changes to it (cropping or straightening, etc.)

  1. Open EQ7
  2. Go to Worktable > Work on Image
  3. Go to Image > Import Image
  4. Browse to and select the fabric image you are importing into EQ7
  5. Click Open
  6. Use the Crop and Twist tools to make corrections to the fabric swatch
  7. After you have made your corrections, click Add to Sketchbook to save the fabric swatch to the photo library
  8. Go to Image > Add to Sketchbook as Fabric to save the fabric swatch to the Sketchbook. Also see pages 208 and 209 of the EQ7 User Manual “Importing and Adjusting the Image in EQ7.”

Saving the fabric from Sketchbook to Library

Once a fabric is in the Sketchbook, you can save the fabric in your own personal library