How do I draw a layout for blocks of different sizes?

If you plan to use different size blocks, and know what size, and where you want them, then “Create Quilt from Block” is for you. You can draw your layout block spaces using EasyDraw. Then turn your block drawing into a quilt layout and pop blocks into the spaces you’ve drawn.

  1. Click WORKTABLE > Work on Block.
  2. Click BLOCK > New Block > EasyDraw Block.
  3. Click VIEW > Precision Bar if it is not already checked. The Precision Bar will now display below the Project toolbar at the top of the worktable.

    Next, decide on the size for our quilt, not counting borders.
    For example, perhaps you’ll alternate 12” and 6” blocks: 12” + 6” + 6” + 12” + 6” + 6” and so on. You’re planning a 72” x 84” quilt center, not counting borders. You could type in a “block” size of 72” x 84”. But, to make rulers more readable, divide width and length by 6 (the smallest block size) to get a size of the same proportion: 12 x 14.

  4. On the Precision Bar (our example uses 12 x 14; you would use your own proportional size numbers):

    Make Block Width: 12
    Block Length: 14.
    Make Snaps Horizontal: 12
    Snaps Vertical: 14
    Click Graph Paper Cells ON
    Make Graph Paper Cells:
    Horizontal: 5
    Vertical: 12

  5. Draw straight lines to create spaces for your blocks. In our example, we’d draw a grid of 5 x 7 following the Graph Paper lines.
  6. Subdivide every other block into a 4 patch, to create four 6” blocks next to each 12” block.
  7. Click Add to Sketchbook to save your completed layout design.
  8. Click WORKTABLE > Work on Quilt.
  9. Click QUILT > Create Quilt from Block.
  10. Make Width: 72”
  11. Make Length: 84”
  12. Click Add to Sketchbook. You have just made new quilt layout.
  13. Click Close.
  14. Click the View Sketchbook button.
  15. Click the Quilts button on the left and find your quilt in the Sketchbook. It will be the last quilt.
  16. Click the Sketchbook’s Edit button. Your new layout will now be on the worktable.
  17. Click the Set Block tool. You can now set blocks into your new layout.

If your layout is missing lines, those lines did not get properly snapped to your drawing grid. Return to the Block worktable, redraw that line or lines, then start again at step 7 above.