How do I draw an applique wreath?

  1. Click BLOCK > New Block > PatchDraw Block. (Choose PatchDraw Motif if you do not want a fabric square behind your wreath.)
  2. Click the Applique tab.
  3. Click and hold on the Oval tool.
  4. Click a shape on the tool flyout bar.
  5. Click, hold and drag on the block to draw a shape.
  6. Click the Pick tool.
  7. Right-click and choose WreathMaker.
  8. Choose the number of times you want the shape repeated, how close together you want the shapes, and how large you want them to be.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Click Add to Sketchbook to save your wreath.


  • You can wreath as many patches at one time as you like.
  • Experiment with patch orientation. The same patch will create a completely different wreath depending on whether it is vertical, diagonal or horizontal on the block before using the WreathMaker.
  • You can use WreathMaker on a wreath to create multiple wreaths.