Use the Pick tool to select segments of your block. Once a segment is selected, you can delete it by clicking the DeleteĀ button in the palette, or by pressing the keyboard Delete key.


The selected segment is indicated by the eight black nodes that surround it. Position the cursor over the 4-arrow crosshair in the center of the select, press the left mouse button and drag the segment to move it

The EasyDraw palette includes Advanced Symmetry options that are available by clicking the arrow on the Advanced Symmetry bar.


When using any of these options, it’s important to ensure that the all the endpoints that have been moved are snapped to new endpoints. Snapping occurs when you draw, but it may not when you move. Clicking on each of the nodes will help to complete the snap process. It is when these features are used that errors in your block could occur because end points are not snapped. It is always recommended that if you use any of these options, that you convert the selected segments to guides and redraw them. This will ensure that your segment’s endpoints are snapping to grid points.

Note: Many times it will look like nodes are snapped. When you zoom in on the area, you will see that they actually are not snapped properly.

Resizing and rotating can be done with the mouse.


Drag from a corner node to resize the selected segment(s). Click on each end node to ensure it is snapping to a grid point.


Ctrl+click on the 4-arrow crosshair in the center of the select. The nodes will turn into double-ended arrows indicating that you’re in rotate mode. Position the cursor over a corner node and drag in a circular motion to rotate the select. Click on each end node to ensure it is snapping to a grid point.