EQ8 for Mac is identical in features and functionality (in other words, it’s exactly the same program), with these few differences:

  • The only feature difference between using EQ8 on the Mac versus using EQ8 on a Windows computer is that there is no FILE > Export Metafile on a Mac.
    Unfortunately, this was a feature that was impossible for us to incorporate in EQ8 for Mac which is the reason why it is missing. The libraries in Windows that build the Windows Metafile format are copyrighted by Microsoft and there was no equivalent library in OS X for us to implement this feature.
  • My EQ8 folder location
    On Windows computer: (My) Documents > My EQ8
    On a Mac computer: Please read.
  • Keyboard commands:
    Command key + click (Mac) = CTRL+click (Windows)
    Option key+ click (Mac) = ALT+click (Windows)
  • Installing and Uninstalling EQ8 work differently.