The Preferences dialog lets you customize EQ8. After choosing Preferences from the FILE menu, the Preferences dialog appears.

Workspace Preferences



Use this section of the Preferences dialog to turn the Startup features on and off. Uncheck whichever item you want to turn off.

Check Show intro splash screen to watch the graphic when you start EQ8. This option is turned ON by default.


Check Show Home Screen at startup to see quick-access features and the Tip of the Day. This option is turned ON by default.


Check Show Project Helper at startup to display the dialog when you start or open a project. This option is turned OFF by default.




By clicking the Restore Default Settings button, your EQ8 will be set back to its original settings. It will act as if EQ8 is brand new again. This option will not harm your EQ8 project files. It simply cleans up the program; moves toolbars back in place, displays the default tools, hides rulers and Precision Bars, etc.

Clicking Include original fabrics, colors and thread will restore your palettes to their default settings as well. These palettes can be changed using the Save Palette as Default feature in the FILE menu. Leaving this option unchecked when you restore will save your custom palettes.

Clicking Use netbook settings will restore your EQ8 back to its original settings, while also making the interface netbook compatible. Palettes and dialogs change slightly to conform to the smaller resolution of the netbook. Choosing this option for a non-netbook computer will have no negative affects to your EQ8.

Below is an example of how a customized work space changes back to the default settings.

This is a customized work space. The user has turned rulers on, undocked the fabric preview, moved the palette to the right side of the screen, chosen to see small tools and turned off the Status bar.
This is the default work space. Tools are all large and labelled, fabric viewer is docked in the pallete, the palette is docked to the left side of the screen, rulers are off and Status Bar is on.



By default, EQ8 shows large, labeled tools. If you’d rather see small, unlabeled tools, check the box.

Large tools
Small tools

Blue note reminders will display if you are performing an action in EQ8 that is not allowed. This note will tell you how to perform the action the correct way. For example, a blue note will display if you forget to hold the Shift key down while setting a block on Layer 2 of the Quilt worktable.

Prefs9 Prefs10

Palette tips give you a brief description of tools of functions on each palette. They are ON by default. Choosing to hide these tips won’t take effect until the next time you launch EQ8.
By default, the palettes are docked to the left side of the screen. Choosing to dock them to the right side of the screen will require that you restart EQ8.




The default measurement setting is inches. Changing this option will automatically update the quilt and block rulers on both worktables.

Prefs12    Prefs14

Note: If you’ve saved a project with the default inches, then changed the measurement to centimeters, EQ does not convert your project from inches to centimeters. Since this project was designed in inches, when you reopen and try to print the quilt or block, it will not be what you expect. For example, if you have a 54 inch quilt, when you change this setting to centimeters, you will now have a 54 centimeter quilt.

Project Properties Preferences



Block Colorings:
Each time you color a block and add it to the Sketchbook, the new coloring gets stacked on top of the previous coloring. Change this number if you’d like less colorings per block. If you don’t want the colorings to stack at all, enter 1 in the input box.

Undo Options:
Choose how many times you can use the Undo Tool.


The allowable values are from 2-20.

Printing Options:
Increase this number if lines on your printouts aren’t printing as bold as you’d like. Putting this option at its maximum value will help faint seam allowance lines print more boldly. Allowable values: 1-4



File Saving Options:
Check Remember previous “Open” and “Save” directories to have EQ8 start looking in the same folder for projects each time the standard Windows File dialog appears.

Warning Options:
Check Ask before deleting any design to display a warning dialog box every time you want to delete a design. This dialog will ask you if you want to delete your design before it actually is deleted, in case you really didn’t want it deleted. This option is turned on by default.

Check Provide audio feedback to hear an audio alert when adding to the Sketchbook. Uncheck this option to turn off the sound.