Several users have reported that imported .VP3 files display distorted in EQStitch. One user discovered why, and reported back.

She writes: “When Viking upgraded their embroidery software to 6D, they added a feature called “Export” which you use for final saving of designs. It combines elements in designs, color sorts, removes overlap in designs, etc. I discovered that if I put a design in my Sketchbook that has not been “Exported”, the design shows up in EQ Stitch quilt blocks perfectly. Or, if I converted the “Exported” .vp3 design to the older .vip format, it worked in EQ Stitch (apparently, changing the design to the .vip format removed something added when the design was “Exported”.)

However, if I “Export” and save the design before I bring it into my Sketchbook, it comes into the Sketchbook distorted. So, what is happening is something caused by 6D software’s “Export” feature.”