Explode a Block or Quilt Using EQ7

If you own Adobe Illustrator or another vector program, you can explode a block or quilt from EQ7.

Step 1 – Install a PDF writer

You’ll need to install a PDF writer as one of your printers. We suggest PDFwriter for Mac and CutePDF for Windows. These are free downloads.
On the Mac, you’ll need to add the printer in your system preferences once you have it installed. Get PDFwriter here.
For Windows:Get CutePDF here.

Step 2 – Print to the PDF writer to create a *.PDF file

In EQ7, choose Print Setup and choose PDFwriter or CutePDF as your printer. Click OK. Click File > Print Quilt/Block. IMPORTANT: Turn off all the block outlines/patch outlines, etc. Click Print. The PDF file will save to the default location of that printer.

Step 3 – Open the PDF in Illustrator

In Illustrator, click File > Open and select the PDF file. Use the black Selection Tool to pull the pieces apart. (Tip – use Command+G or (Ctrl+G on PC) to group like pieces together.) Choose File > Export to save your exploded block/quilt as a JPG, TIF, etc. to bring into Publisher and/or Word.

For printable instructions, please click here.

Step 3 Alternative — Use Inkscape

You can use the free program Inkscape if you do not have Illustrator. See this lesson written by EQ user Al Navas.