Tools-Eyedropper The Eyedropper tool finds previously used fabrics or colors in a quilt so you can use them again without having to search through the palette to find them.

  1. Click the Eyedropper tool to select it.
  2. Click a fabric or color in the quilt.
  3. The fabric or color you clicked becomes highlighted in the palette and ready to use with the last selected coloring tool. For example, if you had the Spraycan tool selected before using the Eyedropper tool, the Spraycan tool will become active after Eyedropper is used.

Eyedropper Tool

Another quick way to find previously used fabrics or colors is to use the Most recently used fabrics and colors on the fabric palette. This list of fabric and color swatches updates with a new fabric or color each time you use a fabric or color in a quilt or a block.