How do I fit template patterns on fewer pages?

Patterns with a lot of pieces or that are really large will require several pages to print. However you can be smart about your printing. Use the Move, Delete, and Rotate buttons to make the best use of the space.

  1. Select the block on the quilt on the Quilt worktable, or edit the block from the Sketchbook to the Block worktable.
  2. Click FILE > Print > Template pattern.
  3. Choose Use size from quilt as the size setting.
  4. Click Preview.

    • If there are duplicate pieces, click the Delete button, then click to select the piece(s) you want to delete. Press the keyboard DELETE key.

    • If there are pieces that can be rotated to fit into a better space, click the Rotate button, then click on the piece you want to rotate.

    • If there are pieces that can be moved to another page, click the Move button, then click, hold and drag that piece to a new location.