Viewing and Printing the PDF lessons from outside EQ7

  1. Put your EQ7 CD or USB in your computer.
  2. If the installation screen appears, cancel the installation.
  3. If you’re using Windows 8 or 10, click the Windows key + E key on your keyboard to bring up an Explorer window and navigate to your CD-DVD drive or USB drive > right-click and choose Open.
    If using Windows 7, click START > (My) Computer > right-click your CD (DVD) drive > click Open.
  4. Open the EQ Lessons folder and double-click on a PDF file to open it. You can then print the PDF lesson.
  5. You may want to copy the EQ Lessons folder from the CD/USB and paste it onto the Desktop, or in Documents, so you can easily find and print lessons without having the EQ7 CD/USB in your computer.