EQ Mini has a Block Library and a Fabric Library, both packed with pre-designed blocks and scanned fabrics.

Each library dialog has 5 sections.

Library Section

This section will always be available for you to use each time you open the program. All the items in the Library section come with the installation of EQ Mini. None of these items can be deleted from the program, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally removing any of these.

My Library Section

This section allows you to create your own library with your favorite designs, fabrics, etc. After you’ve named and saved these libraries, they will be available each time you open EQ7. Read more about creating a My Library >

Sketchbook Section

This section displays the items currently in your project’s Sketchbook. Any changes made here would be reflected in your Sketchbook and the corresponding palettes.

Import Results Section

Not available in EQ Mini. Upgrade to EQ7 to use this feature! This section displays the items you import into the library using the Import feature. Once you’ve imported them to the library, you need to click Add to Sketchbook to add them to your Project Sketchbook.

Search Results Section

This section displays the items found in your search. To use these items, you need to click Add to Sketchbook, otherwise you will need to search for them again.