How do I make “Andy Warhol”-like color variations?


  1. Click IMAGE > Import image.
  2. Navigate to find the image you want to import. Click to select it, then click Open.
  3. Click Add to Sketchbook to save a copy of the original. (optional)
  4. Choose IMAGE > Color > Red/Green/Blue.
  5. Drag the sliders to achieve the look you want for the first color. Tip: Use the extremes to better achieve the Andy Warhol look (i.e. 100 and -100).
  6. Click Add to Sketchbook to save it to your Sketchbook.
  7. Add to Sketchbook the original image again.
  8. Create 3+ more color variations for your quilt.
  9. Go to the Quilt worktable by clicking the Work on Quilt button.
  10. Set your layout (Layout tab) to the right number for spaces for your photos.
  11. Set your block size (Layout tab) to fit your photos.
  12. Set the photos in the correct spaces (Layer 1 tab).