If I buy the Migration Kit, can I run EQ7 on my PC and my Mac?

Yes. You will have EQ7 for Mac along with your original purchase, EQ7 (PC). So if you purchase the migration kit, you can still use EQ7 on your PC.

Imagine your home computer is a PC, but your work computer is a Mac.

  • Your EQ7 license ID allows you to have two active computers at a time.
  • The EQ7 license ID will work for either the PC or the Mac.
  • You have complete control over the activation and the current computers/platforms that you have active.
  • So you could have EQ7 activated on two Macs, or on two PCs, or on one PC and one Mac simultaneously.

If you’re not familiar with the details of the activation system, you’ll find watching this video extremely helpful.