If you are linking an EQ Library file to your EQ7 or EQ8 Library, and get the message “Not a valid directory” it means you are linking to a folder which does not contain a library file for your EQ software. The folder must contain at least one of these file types, and you must be in the appropriate library to link the file:

  • .blk (EQ block library file)
  • .fab (EQ fabric library file)
  • .qlt (EQ quilt layout library file)
  • .emb (EQ embroidery library)
  • .pix (EQ photo library file)
  • .thd (EQ thread library file)

Linking to free monthly EQ fabric downloads

The free monthly fabrics from 2016 and newer will automatically install into EQ7. If you are downloading older (pre-2016) free fabrics, follow these steps for Linking free monthly fabric downloads EQ7 PC.