Like most software programs, the Page Setup dialog allows you to change the way your document will print. In EQ Mini, you most likely will be printing on 8½ x 11 paper set to Portrait, however you may want to change your margins or your printer options.

To access the Page Setup dialog, choose any print option to display the print dialog. Click the Page Setup button. You can also display the Page Setup dialog by clicking FILE > Page Setup.



If your printer can print larger than 8½ x 11, and your block or quilt exceeds these dimensions, click the drop-down list to choose a different paper size. Being able to print on larger paper can save paper and time trying to piece together tiled template or foundation patterns.


You’ll find that in most situations you’ll want your margin settings to be at the minimum. This will give you access to as much paper as possible for printing your patterns.

The minimum margins settings are based on the printer you are using. Every printer has different margin allowances.

When you’re in the Page Setup dialog, you’ll see a sample page at the top displaying the current margin settings. As you change the margins of your document, the sample page will change showing the new settings.

If you increase the margins dramatically, the next time you attempt to print templates, foundation patterns or rotary cutting charts, you will see the message below reminding you to rethink your settings.


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