The Image Worktable’s printing option is called Photo Layout. Using Photo Layout will be the most efficient way to print on fabric because it gives you complete control over the page.

Photo Layout includes its own menu bar.


File > Page Setup

Changes to the page setup need to be made before opening the Photo Layout. Close the Photo Layout then choose Page Setup from the File menu of EQ8 and adjust settings there.

photo page layout

File > Print

This shows you the printers you have installed on your computer. Choose which one you’d like to use.

printer selection dialog

File > Close

This will close the Print Layout dialog box.

View > Show Grid

Click Show Grid to see a grid on your photo layout. There is a button on the Photo Layout toolbar for this.

View > Snap to Grid

Click Snap to Grid to make your photos snap to the grid when you’re moving them around. There is a button on the Photo Layout toolbar for this.

View > Grid Setup

Click Grid Setup to display the Grid Setup dialog.

This dialog lets you choose to start the grid in the upper left of the page or in the upper left of the printable area. The dotted lines around the edge of the page represent the printable area for your selected printer. Use the drop-down to select the size of the grid. Selections will be in inches or centimeters depending on the units of measurement set in File > Preferences.