To print an embroidery from the quilt, click the PRINT & EXPORT tab and then Print on the ribbon. Click on the embroidery in the quilt to enable the tool in the palette. Remember that embroidery designs are on Layer 3 of the quilt. Click Layer 3 along the bottom of the worktable and then click directly on the embroidery design to select it.

print embroidery button

Click Embroidery in the palette to display the Print Embroidery Design dialog box.


Edit Name

This is the name that will appear at the top of your printout. If it is a design from the Library, it will always have a name. If you imported the design into the program, you will see the generic name Worktable Block. Click Edit Name, type a new name in the entry, and then click Apply. This will also update the name on the Notecard.

Embroidery Size

By default, Use size from quilt will be selected. Width and height will be displayed, but the controls will be disabled. If you want to set the size yourself, select the option for Custom embroidery size. Then type any size you want for the embroidery.

Line Thickness

Currently the line thickness option has not been implemented.


Type the number of copies you want of the printout.