Getting seam allowance between tiled images

You can create space between images by moving the images apart on the Photo Layout preview, and using Snap to Grid to help space them. But if you use Tiling, there is no space between the images.

To get seam allowance between tiled images

  1. Import the image from the IMAGE worktable.
  2. Use FILE > Export Marquee Selection > drag a select box around your image so it includes white space all around it. (Keep in mind the amount of white space will be doubled as one image butts up against the next as the images tile, with neighboring images each containing a white space “border.”)
  3. Save that image as a .jpg.
  4. Import that image onto the Image worktable. (You will not see the white “seams” against the white background.)
  5. Click FILE > Print > Photo Layout.
  6. Drag this image onto the Photo Layout page, then click the Tile button. You will now have spaces between the repeated images.