Printing Quilt Labels

Quilt labels can be printed from the QUILT or IMAGE worktable. For steps on making a quilting label in EQ7 see HELP > How do I? > How to: General > Create a Quilt Label.

Printing your label from the QUILT worktable

Your label (it’s actually a “quilt” in EQ7) will print as large as it can on one fabric sheet. You can force your label to print smaller if you click FILE > Page Setup > and increase the margin widths before you print.

  1. Be on Layer 1 of the QUILT worktable with your label showing.
  2. Click FILE > Print > Quilt.
  3. Click Preview.
  4. Click Print.

Printing your label from the IMAGE worktable

This method allows you to print more than one label on one fabric sheet.

  1. Be on Layer 1 of the QUILT worktable with your label showing.
  2. Click FILE > Export Image.
  3. In the “Save in:” window at the top of the Export Image box, click the down arrow and choose Desktop.
  4. Type a name for your label.
  5. Choose any file type > make it the size you would like, or leave as is and resize it later.
  6. Click OK. This creates an image of your file. Next we’ll import this image.
  7. Click WORKTABLE > Work on Image.
  8. Click the Import Image button at left > find your image on Desktop > click to select it > click Open.
  9. Click FILE > Print > Photo Layout.
  10. Drag your label image onto the page. Resize as you would like it. You can use CTRL+C (or EDIT > copy) to copy it and CTRL+V (or EDIT> paste) to paste a copy of your label, if you want to print 2 copies of the same label on the same fabric sheet.
    Note: We always recommend pre-testing by printing on plain paper first, before printing on a fabric sheet, to ensure you have it exactly as you want it.