Why is my quilt printing over on the side of the page?

Your quilt should fill the printout page (unless you have intentionally widened your margins). If your printout shows the quilt “squished” to the left, it indicates you have dragged blocks or motifs off the page onto the white area to the quilt’s right. You may no longer see these misplaced blocks. But they take up space, forcing the quilt over to the left on your printout.

To find and delete these misplaced blocks

  1. Click the Adjust tool.
  2. Click all over the white area to the right of the quilt, to see if you can “find” a block. If you are successful, the Adjust tool will select the block and you will now see it.
  3. Press your keyboard Delete key to delete the selected block.

An important warning

Do not drag blocks or motifs off your quilt, or patches off your block onto the white surrounding space. This can result in an unrecoverable error in your project file, making it impossible to re-open your project once you’ve closed it.