1. If Layer 2 is still hidden, click the Eye icon on the Layer 2 tab to turn it back ON.
  2. On the PRINT & EXPORT tab, click on a pieced triangle or kite in the border. Notice you cannot see the full green selection box around the selected triangle block. This is because the Layer 2 blocks are hiding the selection box. When printing the border blocks, it’s recommended that you hide Layer 2.
  3. Click the Eye icon next to Layer 2 and make sure the Layer 1 tab is selected.
  4. Click directly on a triangle block or kite in the border. Now you can see the green selection box.
  5. Choose a printing option in the PRINT PATTERNS panel on the left.
  6. Make sure Use size from quilt is selected in the print box.
  7. Click the Preview button.

Take note of the following tips:

  • When printing Templates, always view the Print Preview first and be sure to delete the two outer triangle patches before printing. These are not part of the block and should be ignored.
  • When printing Foundation Patterns, these excess triangles are not sectioned by default, and therefore will not print. If you resection the block, be sure to ignore the two excess triangles.
  • When printing Rotary Cutting, again be sure to ignore the two gray triangle patches.
  1. Click Print.