The Project Toolbar is the main toolbar for your EQ Mini project files. Its default location is at the top of the screen under the main menu.


Tools-MiniNew New Creates a new project
Tools-Open Open Opens a previously saved project
Tools-Save Save Saves the project
Tools-Print Print Allows you to print patterns and fabric yardage of your project
Tools-Undo Undo Removes the last action
Tools-AddtoSketchbook Add to Sketchbook
Adds content to the project’s Sketchbook
Tools-ViewSketchbook View Sketchbook
Displays the project’s Sketchbook
Tools-ZoomIn Zoom In
Magnifies the view of the selected area
Tools-ZoomOut Zoom Out
Reduces the view of the selected area based on your previous zoom level
Tools-Refresh Refresh Redraws the screen, but does not change the zoom level
Tools-FitToWorktable Fit to Worktable
Fits the quilt to the maximum size of the screen
Tools-MiniVideos Videos Displays video options for additional information about the program
Tools-MiniFB Post to Facebook Exports and posts an image of the worktable quilt to your Facebook wall