Why do I see “mystery” fabrics on the yardage chart that are not in my quilt?

If your printed yardage chart shows white cross-hatched “mystery” fabrics, or other colors/fabrics that do not appear in your quilt, here are some possible sources:

Where “mystery” fabrics may come from

  • Uncolored borders or blocks.
  • An uncolored “spacer” border you may not realize you have. Using a border style with “Tile” in the name (on the Borders tab) forces blocks to be square. So if the number square blocks don’t quite fit evenly across your quilt, EQ adds a small spacer border to compensate. If the border is tiny you may not notice it.
  • A block or partial block overlaying another block, either on Layer 1 or Layer 2. EQ calculates yardage for all 3 layers, even if blocks are hidden beneath other blocks. You can check this by using the Adjust tool to move blocks on the quilt (try both Layer 1 and Layer 2), seeing if another block is hidden beneath.
  • Blocks clipped at the edge of the quilt. EQ calculates yardage for the whole, unclipped blocks even if it shows the blocks clipped at the quilt edge. This includes blocks in on-point setting triangles.