Image Straighten


The Straighten tool is useful when working with a scanned fabric or fabric imported from a camera.

Click Straighten in the palette. This will allow you to draw a straight line on the image, following part of the design that should be straight. EQ will adjust the image so that the line is perfectly horizontal or vertical. If you don’t like the line, you don’t need to erase it. Just start redrawing a new line and the old line will disappear.

In this example, draw a line from one pink dress to the other dress, both of which should be on the same horizontal plane.

drawing straighten

apply straighten

The fabric will straighten and redraw at actual size.

EQ fills in the background canvas with a color when the fabric is straightened. If the image/fabric did not straighten properly, do the same process again.

Click Add to Project Sketchbook to save your straightened image to the Photos section of your Sketchbook. To continue editing your fabric image, use the Crop tool to crop to the repeat, then click Add as Fabric to add the image to the Fabrics section of your Sketchbook for use with the coloring tools.

straighten applied

Change Canvas Background Color

In the palette next to the canvas background color, click the Change Color button. This will display the Create a Color dialog. Here, you can create any color you’d like to use for the background of your image as you rotate, shear or straighten.


Color wheel: Drag the small yellow dot control to adjust the color. Drag it around the circle to change to the matching color on the wheel. The newly created color will appear along the bottom of the dialog.

Saturation shift: When the slider is at the maximum value, 255, all the colors will be fully saturated with ‘pure’ hues. The colors will be very intense. When the slider is at the minimum value, 0, the colors are desaturated so no hue is dominant. The colors will look grayscale.

Lightness shift: Dragging the slider to the right increases the lightness. The maximum value creates totally white colors. Dragging the slider to the left decreases the lightness making the colors darker and darker. The minimum value creates totally black colors. Values range from 0 to 255.