Wrapping Paper and Gift Tags

Unique wrapping paper and gift tags make gift-giving more fun! You can use BlockBase+ to create sheets of wrapping paper of your favorite block.

Click on any block to select it.

Click Print on the Block toolbar and choose Block in the menu.

wrapping paper

Make selections in the dialog being sure to select the Print as many blocks as fit on page option. This is the option that prints several blocks tiled over the entire page to create the wrapping paper look.

Adjusting page margins and block size will affect the number of blocks horizontally and vertically.

Simple trial and error will create the best fit. This option works best with square or rectangular blocks creating equal spacing between each design.

#2818 Court House Lawn
#2818 Court House Lawn

Coloring Book Pages

Use the same options as above choosing Outline drawing for the printout style.

This option will create black and white line drawings similar to coloring book pages.

blk many fit outline
#3470 Sunburst (15)