How do I use a photo in my quilt?

You can import your own photos. Or use photos from the Photo Library (meant especially for use with the image effects and symmetries).

Get photos into your Sketchbook

  1. Click LIBRARIES > Photo Library.
  2. Browse through the library or click Import > From Image Files and navigate to where your own edited photos are saved.
  3. Click to select the individual photo you want, or CTRL+click to select more than one photo.
  4. Click Add to Sketchbook.
  5. Click Close.

Set up the worktable

  1. Click the Work on Quilt button on the top toolbar.
  2. Click Layer 1 at the bottom of the worktable.
  3. Hover your mouse over the quilt toolbar on the right side of the screen. Right-click and select Add/Remove Buttons.
  4. Put a check next to Set Photo.
  5. Click anywhere on the worktable to close the button list.

Set photos on Layers 1 and 2

  1. Click the Set Photo tool. The Photo palette will display.
  2. Select the photo in the palette that you want to use.
  3. To set a photo on Layer 1, click the Layer 1 tab at the bottom of the worktable, click on a space in the quilt.
  4. To set a photo on Layer 2, click the Layer 2 tab at the bottom of the worktable, hold the SHIFT key on the keyboard and click, hold and drag the mouse on the quilt. When you release the mouse, your photo will pop into place. Use the Adjust tool to resize it. You can also drag the photo from the palette and drop it on the quilt.