How do I use a quick-quilt project?

EQ7 comes with 82 predesigned quilts ready for you to use. These work for good starting points and inspiration for your own masterpieces.

  1. Click FILE > New (or FILE > Open). The Project Helper will display.
  2. Click the Start with a quick-quilt project tab at the top. You will see a list of projects on the left and a preview of the quilts on the right.
  3. Click to select a project.
  4. Under the preview, click the arrow buttons to view the other quilts in the project.
  5. Click OK when you’ve selected the project you want to use.

If you don’t see the Project Helper dialog box when you click FILE > New (or FILE > Open), you’ve probably turned this option off. To turn the option back on, click FILE > Preferences. Under Workspace: Startup, make sure there is a check next to Use EQ Project Helper dialog. Click OK.