How do I use text in my design?

The Stitching worktable will always display designs and rulers in millimeters.  The Text tool Precision Bar lets you set the size of the font in millimeters as well.

  1. Start a design embroidery design.
  2. Click the Artwork tab of the Stitching worktable.
  3. Click the Text tool. This tool is not on by default. You may need to add this tool to the toolbar. See Customize Toolbar for help on adding tools.

Remember that the purpose of the text tool is to create letters for you. Each letter is a patch.

  1. In the Precision Bar, click the down arrow to see a list of the true type fonts on your computer.
  2. Click on a font from the list to select it.

Lettering is always a challenge in embroidery. Usually “built-in” fonts that are found in embroidery machines and software are simple. Since EQ lets you choose from a wide array of very fancy fonts from your computer, it’s important to understand that many fonts will not embroidery suitably. They are great for printing. They are not good for embroidery.

  1. The Precision Bar will let you adjust the size of the font. Set the size to 25 mms. Again, remember the size is millimeters.
  • 13 mms = approximately ½ inch
  • 25 mms = approximately 1 inch
  • 38 mms = approximately 1 ½ inches and so on
  1. Drag a text box the entire size of the hoop. We recommend that you make your text boxes the size of the hoop or even a bit bigger. Once the text is converted to patches, the text box is gone so the size of the original box is not a concern.
  2. Click twice inside the text box. You’ll see the flashing “insertion” cursor.
  3. Type Eq. Make sure that you type a capital E and a lower-case q.
  4. Position the mouse cursor on the outer edge of the text box and click. This will return the text to “select” mode.
  5. Click Convert to patch on the Precision Bar. This will convert the text to patches.
  6. Click the Pick tool.
  7. Drag a marquee box around the capital letter “E” to select it.
  8. Now you will be able to read the height of the letter in the Precision Bar. The size will be something less than 25.
  9. Drag a marquee box around both letters. Again, note the size in the Precision Bar. The size will be closer to 25 now. The numbers will not be exact. The numbers will vary a bit based on the font. You can, of course, use the Precision Bar’s Width and Height controls to make the letters exactly the size you want.

When you set the size of the font in the precision before you type the text, it will be approximate. This number represents the height of capital letters including the descending characters. After you have converted the text to patches, you can adjust its size to a specific width and height.

Since each letter becomes a patch with the ability to set the fill and outline separately for each individual letter, the design possibilities are endless.