Block Toolbar

The Block toolbar displays below the Block viewer.

blocks toolbar

Click directly on the icon image, not the words, to activate the button.


Add to Favorites/Remove from Favorites

addfavs   removefavs

Click Add to Favorites to add the currently selected block to the Favorites panel. To remove the block from Favorites, click Remove from Favorites.

Learn more about favorites.



Click the Print button to display the printing options for the selected block.

Learn more about printing.




export button

Click the Export button to display the export options for the selected block.

Learn more about exporting.




Click the Zoom button, or double-click on any block, to display a new window with an enlarged version of the currently selected block. The Zoom window size is determined by your computer’s monitor. The window is not resizable. Click the X in the upper-right (Windows) or the red close circle in the upper-left (Mac) to close the dialog.


Quilt Layout


Click the Quilt Layout button to see the selected block displayed in various quilt layouts. Click the arrow buttons along the bottom of the Quilt Layout dialog to change the layout.

Learn more about quilt layout.