You can add rulers to the Quilt Worktable if you’d like. But since your quilt sizes may be large, you may or may not find the quilt rulers helpful. Rulers may be helpful when designing custom quilts or when placing items on Layers 2 or 3. The Quilt Rulers are turned off by default.

On the View menu, click Quilt Rulers. This command toggles the display of the rulers on and off. To turn the rulers on, click to put a check next to Quilt Rulers. To turn the rulers off, click Quilt Rulers to remove the check.


Quilt Rulers turned ON.
Quilt Rulers turned ON.

Remember that the overall size of your quilt is always shown on the status bar in the lower-right corner of your screen.



To update the starting point (location of the zero mark) of the rulers, see this help article on the Quilt Worktable Options.