Notecard Panel

The Notecard panel appears directly below the Block viewer and toolbar. The Notecard panel will always contain all the information for the currently selected block.



The left column lists the Brackman ID for the block. The Default Block Size is the size used to draw the block in the EQ software. The Category and Subcategory correspond to the chapter from the Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns by Barbara Brackman. The Characteristics describe the properties of all the blocks in the category according to Brackman.



The middle column, Published Names, lists all the names for the currently selected block. The source that published the block using that specific name is found in parentheses. Clicking on any name in the list will update the column to the right with the information regarding that publication source.



The right column, References, will display the information for the publication source where the block appeared with that specific name. This column will change and update with each published name clicked on from the middle column.