This add-on provides you with the ability to view the quilt, color with your own fabrics, then print templates, rotary cutting charts, and foundation patterns for every block in the Dear Jane quilt—plus yardage estimates! If you’re making the original Dear Jane quilt, just print and sew! If you want to make your own “Baby Jane,” you can use all the tools and features of your EQ software to create your very own quilt using the Dear Jane blocks in any size you want. Be creative and have fun!

EQ Project Files

5 EQ project files that can be accessed clicking File > Open Project in EQ.

  • DJ1_Dear Jane Quilt-MASTER.PJ8 – includes the classic Jane Stickle quilt
  • DJ2_Progress Chart-MASTER.PJ8 – project file for keeping track of your sewn blocks
  • DJ3_Quilt Variations-MASTER.PJ8 – project file that includes some fun variations of the classic quilt
  • DJ4_Quilting-Center Blocks-MASTER.PJ8 – project file for viewing and printing the quilting designs
  • DJ5_Quilting-Border Blocks-MASTER.PJ8 – project file for viewing and printing the quilting designs

Block Libraries

5 EQ block libraries that can be accessed by opening the Block Library in EQ.

  • Center Blocks – all 169 blocks
  • Border Blocks – all 52 triangles, 4 corner kites, and scallops
  • Center Block Variations – block variations that may work better for different sewing techniques
  • Quilting Designs – quilting designs that mimic Jane Stickle’s actual quilting on her famous quilt
  • Good for Alternate Blocks – 125 additional blocks that could pair well with the Dear Jane blocks

PDF Resources

Many PDF files that can be accessed through the My EQ > Documentation > Dear Jane directory.

  • DJ01-Using-with-EQ – This is the PDF you are currently viewing. Everything you need to know about using the Dear Jane add-on with your EQ software is here.
  • DJ02-Quilt-and-Block-Resources – This document has historical information about the Jane Stickle quilt, Brenda Papadakis’ story, and tips and information for each and every block in the quilt.
  • DJ03-Lessons – This document includes 12 sewing lessons from Brenda Papadakis. These are her suggestions for constructing certain blocks in the quilt.
  • DJ-Certificates (3 styles) – Award yourself a Certificate of Completion to mark the milestones on your Jane Journey. Or surprise a Dear Jane friend with a certificate!
  • DJ-Journal (3 styles) – Celebrate the completion of each Dear Jane block by printing and filling out a Dear Jane Journal page. Your journal, telling about your life and times, will become as treasured by future generations as your quilt.
  • DJ-QuiltLabel (3 styles) – The label is your quilt’s finishing touch. How we wish all quilts from the past had labels telling us who made them and when. When it’s time to sign your work of art, you can choose a Dear Jane Quilt label or create a design of your own.
  • DJ-Stationery (3 styles) – These Dear Jane stationery sheets come in the same styles as the Journal pages, but are blank inside the border. Print them to use for correspondence, or for extra pages for your Dear Jane Journal. Or fold one into quarters to make a quick gift card.