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Quilt by Amy Friend.

Lessons For All Products

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EQ8's default blocks
Creating Your Own Default Project
Design a Custom Set Quilt
Draw a Pieced Block (EasyDraw)
Draw a Pieced Block (PolyDraw)
Draw an Applique Block
Editing the Quilt Labels Quick Quilt Project
EQ8 Lesson Series on the Blog
Exploding Blocks & Quilts for Patterns
Let’s Get Started: Basic Quilt Design
Make a Sepia-Tone Photo on the Image Worktable

Getting Started

Lesson 1: Create a Horizontal Quilt
Lesson 2: Create an On-Point Quilt
Lesson 3: Create a Horizontal Strip Quilt
Lesson 4: Create a Vertical Strip Quilt
Lesson 5: Edit Existing Quilts
Searching Blocks in BlockBase

How Do I? - General

Add More Tools
Add Shades and Tints
Create a Quilt Label
Deleting Multiple Items at Once
Enlarge Palettes
Import Fabrics from Another Project
Import Scanned Fabric
Open Past EQ Versions in EQ7
Turn Block Design into Quilt Layout
View Notecards for Multiple Items

Adding Blocks and Fabrics

Fabric Importing – Panels vs. Prints
Using your Phone, Tablet or Camera to “Scan” Fabrics

How Do I? - Image Worktable

Brighten a Dark Photo
Change a Photo to Black and White
Change a Photo to Sepia
Change the Color of an Item in a Photo
Create Colorized Artwork
Create Two-Color Images
Design My Own Fabric
Export a Photo as an Image File
Get a Pastel Poster-like Effect in a Photo
Make a Photo Look Like a Watercolor Painting
Make Andy Warhol-like Color Variations
Prepare an Image to Use in a Quilt
Print Multiple Photos on One Page
Use a Photo in a Quilt

How Do I? - Block Worktable

Change the Size of the Block
Choose the Correct Block Drawing Style
Combine Two Blocks
Copy and Paste from One Block to Another
Draw a Layout for Blocks of Different Sizes
Draw an Applique Wreath
Draw Quick Eight-Pointed Star Blocks
Draw Quick New York Beauty Blocks
Draw Vines, Stems and Leaves
Export My Block Design as an Image
Find a Specific Block in the Library
Hide a Tracing Image Photo on the Worktable
Make the Grid Dots Larger
Print a Block Pattern that’s in the Library
Rotate Fabric in a Patch
Twist a Block by Adding Corner Triangles

How Do I? - Quilt Worktable

Add Applique Letters
Add Embellishment to My Quilt
Add Sashing to a Quilt
Create a Bargello Quilt
Create Pieced Sashes
Design a Lone Star Quilt
Design a Medallion Quilt
Design a Strip Layout with 60 Degree Diamonds
Design a Strip Quilt with Square Blocks
Design a Table Runner with Pointed Ends
Design a Zig Zag Strip Layout
Design Sashing without Cornerstones
Export My Quilt as an Image
Hide/Show Layers
Name a Quilt
Play with Block Settings in a Horizontal Layout
Set Stencils on a Quilt
Use a Layout from the Library
Use a Quick Quilt Project

How Do I? - Stitching Worktable

5 Tips on Using the Text Tool
Adjust the Starting Point for a Stitching Patch
Change Background Color of Worktable
Change the Hoop Size without Distorting Design
Change the Stitch Order of Patches
Convert Embroidery to Machine Applique
Convert Machine Applique to Embroidery
Create Embroidery from a Library Block
Create Redwork
Make a Monogram
Make a Sample of the Fill Stitches
Use Text in a Design

How Do I? - Printing Information

Change the Font Style on the Printouts
Fit Template Patterns on Fewer Pages
Print a Whole Sheet of Foundations
Print English Paper Piecing Templates
Print Quilting Stencils
Use Patterns that Tile Over Several Pages